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Hatherleigh Community Centre

Where it all started

After our launch night at The Lysaght Institute, we moved to Hatherleigh Community Centre in February 2015 and made this our first home.

The centre is right in the heart of the community and we developed some great relationships there. This home was a place of firsts. We celebrated Easter, Mother’s Day, and ran Messy Church to name a few!

In 2015 we launched Liberty Groups, a place where people can meet in homes across our city, be discipled and do life together. Since moving on from the Hatherleigh Community Centre, we have continued our relationship and presence there with our Liberty Lambs (Parent & Toddler) provision.

Alway community centre

We quickly outgrew

In May 2015 we moved into Alway Community Centre. We had outgrown the Hatherleigh and it was time expand into a larger home. Again, we created some great memories here and celebrated our 1st birthday as a Church. We launched Girls & Boys Brigade, our mid-week children’s provision, in the heart of the Alway community.

Llanwern High School

Our home

In July 2016 we moved to our current venue, Llanwern High School. A place to grow in number, depth and influence. It was an exciting time in the September as we saw our Liberty Groups double in number. We know we are in this community for such a time as this.