Liberty Worship: God My Light, lyric video

Original Key – D // 115BPM

In every season of my soul
I will cling to this one hope
That great, your faithfulness remains
And steadfast still, my anchor holds

And even in the valley deep
Where shadows form and storm winds blow
The promise in my heart stands firm
That you are never letting go

My rock and my salvation, You will be
Beneath your mighty wings, You shelter me
My help in times of need, I lift my eyes
You will see me through, O God, my Light

And standing on the mountain high
Where troubles seem so far behind
In all my days I’ll lift Your name
‘Cos in every season, You’re the same

As we approach the final day
When all the pain has passed away
Forever let our praises ring
To our Glorious, reigning, risen King

Adam Howard // CCLI: 7079954